Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I love geeks.

Nerds are the best. Especially when you find a really cute one...
Mine is really cute.

I remember when I started dating Peter - not many folks knew much about it, since I'd recently been through what I now like to refer to as my "black-hole period."* Anyhoo, when I broke it to my beloved and longsuffering parents/friends,** I remembered leaning heavily on the "he's a LIBRARIAN" aspect of my new beau. It somehow made him seem less likely to be an axe murderer and more... ummm... likely to wax intellectual than your average man-you-just-met-by-coincidence-on-a-ferry.
My ploy worked brilliantly, especially when coupled with "he works on a computer all day" and the "he's finishing his Masters degree."
At the time, I didn't pause to think of the disadvantages of shackling myself to a future with someone who is attached umbilically to a PC or, alternately, a book. But then again, I was still caught up on the mine is really cute thing.

Those who know about marriage better than I do (rookie, here) can feel free to comment on this, but I've discovered that being with someone, knowing someone and sharing your life with someone that you love feels like having a tiny, but massively dense star burning somewhere between your heart and gut.
Sometimes it glows warmly, other times it burns fiercely and others yet, it's stuck behind a cloud (or perhaps my spleen) and things are cold and rainy, but no matter what, you can feel it there, as quintessential as our own earthly sun.
I know, today, that as I look at my husband behind me on his computer instructing his giant red-haired ogre warrior to attack some weird zombie-creature, that he is my decision and my decision stands.

Time to abandon my computer, unplug my Adonis from his and enjoy a glass or two of wine...

Happy Valentines Day and snuggles for all!

* So named because 1. It was huge 2. I couldn't see it coming 3. It sucked me in and crushed me to my core, BUT 4. I flew out the other side and ended up in a completely different universe.
** Who supplied and disposed of the clearcut hillside's worth of kleenex that got me through the aforementioned black hole period.
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