Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Snap! crackle! pop!

My Chiropractor officially wins the "person I like most today" award.

I know some people out there are wary of so-called bone-crackers, but I loooove mine! I walked into her office just over a year ago for the first time. I was getting sciatic nerve pain rivaling that of most women in their 8th month of pregnancy. Turns out my hips were crooked as a hermit's shack. I also still had some remnants of the whiplash I got from skiing (or rather, from wiping out in a rather spectacular somersault) when I was in my early teens. Apparently my tight psoas muscles are to blame for most of my problems.

Four clunks and six pops later, my sciatica was gone and I could stretch evenly on both sides of my body. It took 4 more appointments to get my muscles stretched out enough that my hip didn't pop back anymore. Since then, I've only gone back to see her when I feel the telltale signs of my back being up to its old business. Apparently, bones and muscles tend to sneak back to their old ways - especially when one collides with desks and other inanimate objects on a regular basis.*

Last night, I was teaching a bellydance class.** Midway through an interior hip circle, I felt a strange grinding.
If you've had a flat tire, you must be familiar with this feeling. It's a pulling, grating sensation that makes your vehicle (or, in my case, pelvis) slump to one side and throws your steering off. As I was stretching at the end of class, I felt a mild electric jolt from my right hip to my heel. Ouch! Time for an appointment.

Ten minutes flat on that padded table and I feel good as new. Not many people can do that for me, especially in so little time, which is why I'm happy to name Dr. Berna as the "P.I.L.M.T."

Hopefully she'll accept a jar of pickles in lieu of a fruit basket...

*This was unexpected. I have been observing Beginner level 2 classes taught by Pamela, my bellydance teacher and she had taken ill, so I was filling in for her this week.

**I have NO awareness of my physical periphery. Negative spidy-senses. I often run into large furniture items, doorways or sometimes even walls, if my attention is on anything other than walking. I also drop things. Ask Peter about this.
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