Sunday, May 14, 2006

Really Bad Music.

Every generation has its really bad music.

Fortunately, I'm ignorant enough of what young people* are listening to today not to know what utter crud is out there currently, but back when I listened to something other than CBC, NPR and Belly Dance music, I remember cringing at many a disposable song on the radio.

Gangsta Rap ranked rock bottom for me. I can't remember exactly what turned me off...
Perhaps it was the sexist potty-mouth lyrics. Perhaps the materialistic, hollow and unoriginal themes. Perhaps the absolutely horrid pronunciation.
Most probably, it was the guttural "Uunh!"s every few seconds that make it sound as though the singer were trying to pass a whole turnip.

Anyhow, on to my story.
I was sitting at my computer the other day, trying to concentrate on something important and school-related, when I heard what sounded like several enraged male baboons screming, accompanied by a random selection of amplified electronic instruments dragged behind pickup truck with no muffler.
It was coming from Peter's headphones.
"What..." I sputtered, " the heck are you listening to? It's utter crap!"
"Um... King Diamond," answered Peter "and it's not crap. They're the group that got me interested in metal when I was young."
He proceeded to show me a picture of the lead singer.
"You mean that hearing this band, and seeing that FREAK made you WANT to listen to more metal?" I asked, mouth agape like a freshly-caught cod.

It is not often that I question Peter's sanity. I don't bother. I know for a fact that he's nuts.
This, though, THIS takes things a step further.
I knew Peter liked some eclectic bands and artists: Ben Folds, Mark Knopfler, The Brown Derbies, The Strokes, but hey, I love Tori Amos, Portishead and Bjork.
I also knew that he used to listen to ACDC, and Metallica in the 80s and liked some hair bands, but who didn't back then. I mean, I enjoyed my Paula Abdul back in the early 90s. It's nothing to be embarassed of.

But King Diamond? King Diamond!?!

And you think you know someone...

* Did I really use the term "young people?" This is not good. Not good.
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