Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A love song for the Yukon.

(roughly to the tune of "Home on the Range")

Oh, send me on a trip
where canoe paddles dip,
where the moose and the grizzly bears... um, play?
Where Jade grins and squeals
Fawni cooks scrumptious meals
and Mike drives us up mountains all day.

Yu, Yu (on the) Kon,
Where Fawn's neighbours have manicured lawns*,
You can hike and explore
'Til you're ready to snore,
Then there's 3 hours of dark until dawn.


Peter and I had an amazing trip to Whitehorse to visit Fawn and Michael, and the absolutely lovely Miss Jade, whose gummy-smiles I miss already! I hadn't seen Fawn since her and Michael's wedding a few years ago, so it was great to have a chance to get caught up and to introduce them to Peter.

Whitehorse was great. I can see why people catch the "Northern bug" the scenery is spectacular and there are so many opportunities to get outdoors and be active. It's a wilderness explorer's paradise with all the modern conveniences of a city.

The weather started off being fabulous, in fact we were all in downtown Whitehorse poking around and I couldn't stand not having sunglasses (mine had recently broken). I stepped in to Shopper's to buy a pair, spend 10 minutes in the store and when I walked back out it was overcast... which turned into a thundershower in the middle of our walking tour. From there on in, it was cloudy with some sun and some showers, about 15-20 degrees the whole time. It didn't stop us from getting outdoors, though!

Peter caught a nasty cold which kept us from going camping overnight, but we did canoe the Takhini river for a day, with baby Jade and Nanuq the nothern superdog along. I was also introduced to the geocaching world by Michael! I have an inkling that my brother Michael would love this particular activity. All you need in order to participate is a GPS, some good hiking shoes and possibly a canoe.

We took time to visit the Beringia Centre, to watch Frantic Follies (an outstanding vaudeville-type show!!!) and to visit the Takhini Hot Springs, as well as the local Wildlife Preserve. My only regret is that we didn't stay for longer, but that only means we'll have to head back for another visit! There's still dogsledding and white water rafting and more museums to see, too.

My pictures of the trip will be up on Flickr soon.

*don't ask me why - it was kind-of eerie. I could just picture those Whitehorsians out there with their manicure scissors every morning...
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