Thursday, July 20, 2006

Why does my blog look weird?

My blog looks all wonky* and I don't know why. I would ask Peter but he's "Wor-King" and it is not Rachelle time right now.
I have learned to limit my contacts with "Peteratwork" to bringing him refreshments and the occasional hug-from-behind**. Sometimes I ask him questions and he ignores me, or barks like a vicious dog and I sulk away like a very cute spurned pug in a hoodie. All I want to do is be friendly, and sometimes I'd like to chat, or ask him an important question that I don't think is trivial.
Sometimes I just like to have someone else notice how cute the cat looks when he's washing his face, but nooooo, Peter-the-working-guy is too busy writing "code" and working "hard" and making "money" to share in those precious fleeting moments.

But there's always you, o, internet. Give me a collective "Awwwwww!" the cat is looking oh-so-cute, like a stripey grey pudding flopped inside his favourite paper shopping bag.

*a highly technical term, I know.
** earning me the nickname "squiddy"

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