Friday, August 25, 2006

The damage done with a single spoon.

I'm analysing my diet in order to develop a plan to control recurring IC and UTIs, which have plagued me for years and years.
The deal is that I record my food consumption for 4 days straight, including the times amd portion sizes and as much detailed information as possible; a bit time consuming, but relatively simple.

You should try doing this for a few days. When you have to write everything down (and subsequently show it to a doctor and nutritionalist) you sure think about what you put in your mouth...and how much of it. Or so the theory goes.
I am on day 4. For the past 3 days, I've eaten on the "very well" side of "normal". My food diary was lookin' pretty good. Gold star material.

But today, I've been a very bad girl.

In front of me sits a spoon. A TABLEspoon. Its luster concealed by an incriminating thin, streaky, creamy layer of white.
Without thinking, upon returning from work* today, I went immediately to the fridge and ate no less than a half-tub of cream cheese (the full-fat philly kind) with a spoon. a TABLEspoon!!!

Crap. Just crap.
I'd better go eat some crackers quick, so I can write 1/2 tub of cream cheese and 20 crackers. That sounds less freakish, right?

Darn. How am I going to explain dinner @ Pagliaccis tonight?

*went in to work to set up my classroom
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