Wednesday, August 02, 2006

High above Shuswap.

This is me in a four-seater Cessna SkylarkII looking down on the beautiful Shuswap.
Our generous (and very wealthy) lake-neighbor, Rod and his wife Anastasia have a plane which they use to fly back and forth from Shuswap to Whistler, where they live (Rod builds those beautiful multi-million dollar Whistler homes that celebrities like to buy).
He invited Mom, Morgan and me for a flight around the lake. It was absolutely spectacular! After flying over all 4 arms of Shuswap, as well as Mara Lake, and buzzing my fam. at the beach house, we gassed up in Salmon Arm and got to see 2 wildfire-fighting helicopters land right beside us.
Morgan got some flight training and flew most of the way around the lake. She's a natural!

It was an unexpected adventure that gave me a new appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us in our province.

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