Monday, August 07, 2006

Just one small thing.

I live in a very small house. Correction, my husband, my overweight cat and I live in a very small house.

Yes, it is a house and it has 2 bedrooms, but most normal 2 bedroom apartments are usually 1000-1200 square feet. Our wee housie is 794. I have stopped saying "800" because, believe me, at the moment I'd REALLY appreciate the extra 6 sq. ft.

Certain things tend to decrease the size of one's house, as well. For instance:

- I am home for the summer, hence AT home more than I normally am.

- We just came back from spending more than a week at the beach house, which could swallow our home 5 or 6 times over.

- Since Peter works at home, the 2nd bedroom is his office, effectively reducing our home to a 1 bedroom home. When Peter passes gas in the Living Room, our home is effectively reduced to 0 sq. ft. of liveable space for the span of about 20 minutes.

- Morgan has been out visiting for the last while. She sleeps on the sofa bed (which takes up most of the living room) and since there is no closet space free, she gets to keep her possessions on the living room floor. I've noticed that, as she has hit her growth spurt, she's starting to take up more room around the place, too. (Or maybe I'm just jealous that at age 12 she's almost as tall as me!)

- My Grandma Laughton's piano, which has been jammed in for good measure, is occupying 1/4 of the office. I would NEVER want to sell it, but right now, I'm desperate for someone to babysit it for 2 years or so, until we move into a bigger place and actually have room to pull out the bench and play it.

Some may wonder why the heck we bought such a tiny place. Put yourself in February 2005. The market was peaking. Houses were being bought mere seconds after signs went up. We'd just been shown 10- odd homes in the suburbs (Langford/Colwood). Our realtor got us in to tour this place as soon as it popped up. The inspector had been through. We had 30 minutes to decide if we wanted to put in an offer.

Our conversation went something like this:

"The inspection went really well, Chelle."

"Peter, it's really small..."
"Yes, but it's not a dump like the other ones we've looked at in our price range."

"But it is pretty small..."
"It doesn't smell like cat pee and kimchi!"

"Yes, but I want to live somewhere for a few years and it's quite small."
"I know, but there's no teen hangout nearby, unlike that other place we just saw..."

"I know...the area is really nice."
"And the house is immaculate."

"The yard could use some work..."
"But you're good at that, Chelle."

"I suppose. I am practically in love with the place."
"Then let's do it!"

And so, here we are. With our very charming, really small, non-kimchi-and-cat-pee-smelling house.

When I went to purchase home insurance, the lady kept on asking me silly questions:

"Does it have a garage?"

"Does it have a parking pad?"

"What about a sundeck?"

"A porch?"

"A sunroom, greenhouse or gazebo?"
"No, no, no."

"A workshop?"

"A shed?"

"A finished basement?"

"Any type of outdoor patio?"

"Pool or hot tub?"
"Are you kidding here?"
"Actually, I'm not."
"Well then, No."

It is very cute, though. If not packed. We are determined to live here for another 2 years or so. Hopefully enough time to grow into our Mortgage...
Until then, we continue to live by the "one in, one out" rule. Clutter is the enemy.

* We have been borrowing our neighbor's parking pad. He's an elderly gentleman who doesn't drive and appreciates a car being there, so that it looks like someone's home.
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