Sunday, August 13, 2006

A life! A life!

I remember way back when...
I used to see my friends and do fun things on an almost daily basis. Now it's limited to one week a year. That's right for ONE WEEK ONLY Rachelle gets her social life back!
It all started with Selena (a.k.a. Beanie) wanting to go to the waterslides. "What a phenomenal idea!" said I, who had only ever been to Splashdown on unbelievably crowded days, with hordes of screeching day camp kids in tow. Karyn joined us, and that made 3. Which is a good number.
Regrettably, I did not take a picture of us with our tubes, as I had planned, but if I had, you'd see that it was both cold and soggy out. The disadvantage being that we were forced to thaw periodically in the soupy murksome child-infested hot tub. The advantage being that there were absolutely no lineups. Well, at least none that I didn't create using my teacher-voice. Darned rugrats trying to steal my tube...

I went back to Karyn's apartment in Vancouver and admired her bamboo floors. We then went to see "an Inconvenient Truth". It struck a chord. Since arriving home, inspired by this film, I have replaced all non-reading-lamp lights in our home with compact fluorescents and have seriously considered purchasing a Vespa.
Upon returning home, we discovered that Geoff, Karyn's boyfriend. No. Hang on, "Boyfriend" gives the wrong impression. Maybe it should be "partner" - but I don't like that word. Anyhow, Geoff is the charming francophone computer-geek PhD. student that Karyn has been dating for a few years, who is now (along with his redundant 2 mattresses and bedframe) living with her. Anyhow, point being, he had locked himself out of the apartment which, to all witnessing the tale, seemed only a minor inconvenience to him. He also told me about a scary Punk/Heavy Metal band that has a frightening chrome monster-pig as a logo (now, was it Motorpig Death-something - gawd! Can't remember). Anyhow, point being that all charming computer-geek type males seem to be attracted to some form or another of absolutely horrible music.

We woke up the next day and went grocery shopping at the insane deli counter at Santa Barbara, on Commercial. Then, prompted by the sunshine, undertook an equally insane walk all the way around the Seawall, from Science World. Approx. 16-17 k. all-told.

That night, I went out for Korean food with Amanda. It was awesome to have her expertise in selecting menu items because, when it comes to Korean food, I have been absolutely clueless in the past!
After dinner, we roped Stewart, her hubby, into coming out with us for some Gelato at Mario's. Stewart has this ongoing dare for Amanda to get Rum& Raisin with Bubblegum, but she won't bite. With that much selection, why get something you don't want?

I headed into PoCo on Thursday day and visited Beanie. After having convinced her to start a blog (which I am now linked to). I figured she needed some blog photos. So we had a little photo shoot in her apartment. I even convinced her to don her wig, which I think is ultra-cool! BTW. Selena's cat is THE DEVIL! I won't post the picture, and I'll leave it up to her to explain.

Finally, I spent some time with Tracey and Paul and their 1-year-old, Owen. They have just moved into a lovely, spacious home in Walnut Grove (Langley). I can't believe how fast babies grow! Last time I saw Owen he was barely crawling, now he's stomping and lurching around like a tiny Tyrannosaurus Rex.
He has a great enjoyment of trucks - especially big, white ones, so every time we went out for a walk, we picked the busiest road possible to keep him entertained.
Paul did his best to fix the damage incurred on my hip by my overly ambitions Seawall hike and Tracey made a delicious fajita dinner, while juggling a tot.

Friday, we headed back to Victoria together. After missing the 3 o'clock ferry, we were hopeful to get the 4 but, O! CRUEL FATE! the Ferry Traffic Person stuck out his terrible hand and stopped us RIGHT BEFORE the boat. We were the ones who almost got on the ferry. Nothing sucks more. Amazing how one small hand gesture can mean the difference between the luckiest and unluckiest people in the world.

I arrived home with the Turners 'round dinner time and found that my new camera had arrived. It is missing one lens, which is on backorder, but I didn't end up having to pay a ton of duty, like I expected. The next day, we went for an afternoon stroll to our local park (taking busy streets, of course!) and I took some photos of the little family having fun, using my ridiculously large 70-300 telephoto lens.
We saw the Turners off after dinner and then... NOTHING.

All is back to normal. Just me, Peter, the cat, the new season of Deadwood and my to-do list.

Well, my life was fun, while it lasted!
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