Thursday, August 17, 2006

The love life of Mr. Mao.

My cat is no Casanova. Although (generally) friendly towards most humans, he is quite ornery towards other felines. This is why it is so surprising that he has a very voluntary lady friend. We call her Lady Marmalade and she comes around 2, sometimes 3 times a day, but only to visit Mao.

Here's how things generally go:

After a lovely snooze in his favourite sleeping place of the month, Mao decides it's time to go out and survey his kingdom.

He yowls for his human-slave, who obligingly opens the back door, and he heads down the stairs to the back yard.

Relaxing on the dessicated grass, he picks up a scent...

Lady Marmalade has arrived, via her normal route: right through the garden fence. She scans the yard and gives a few plaintive meows, "where are you, honey-buns?"
Then, after locating Mao, she heads towards him, mewing happily and plops down a couple of feet away from him on the grass.

Mao is not generally good at sharing. When he feels he's been infringed upon sufficiently, he hisses and gives chase, forcing the Lady back behind the garden fence.

Unpreturbed, she comes back for more. Placing herself a strategic distance from Mao, she plops down on the lawn and stretches out, looking at him longingly.

Ah... unrequited love.
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