Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Shuswap Chronicles, part 1: The Journey

As we normally do, we took the trip to the lake in 2 legs. This was done mainly for the benefit of Mao, who was on his pioneer voyage to the cabin. The first night, we took the ferry over to the mainland and drove to Coquitlam, where we slept over at my parents'. I went shopping that evening with Selena (who, by the way, looks friggin' AMAZING after having lost 100 pounds and counting...)
It had been a hot week. The weather when we began our trip the next morning was in the mid 30s. All I can say is, "I LOVE MY NEW CAR!!!" Last year, we did the sweltering journey in my little blue plank-seated Nissan NX. We were crammed together like beef jerkey and just as salty, smelly and flat by the end of our trip.
This year, in contrast, we actually had room to bring my bro. Mike up with us AND the cat AND Morgan AND... all our luggage! Plus, there was the Air conditioning (pause in reverence of the almighty A/C)

We arrived at the cabin mid-day, greeted by mom and dad, then proceeded to jump in the lake, which was warm as a bathtub, but still refreshing.
The cabin (beach house, more appropriately) is definitely liveable, although missing all forms of moulding, most forms of flooring, some forms of light fixture and doorknob and the all-important railings that keep one from falling off the deck or down the stairs. When we came, the Geothermal (which provides both heat and A/C) was not yet working. Thankfully, our bedroom is in the basement, which is cooler.
That night, Peter's folks arrived to spend a couple of nights on their way to Canim Lake. We got settled in and had a nice dinner.
By then it was apparent that a storm was brewing. Heavy thunderclouds approached at the end of the lake and we were soon treated to an amazing light show: sheet lightning, fork lightning, cloud-to-cloud lightning, all punctuated by gale-force winds and raindrops the size of walnuts.
It was truly a force of nature and a sight to behold. For close to two hours, we all huddled undercover on the deck (not that "undercover" means anything in those conditions) and watched what physics, when combined with nature, can do.

I'm hoping to get a copy of the pics that Michael got of the fork lightning, when I do, I will post them .
That brings you to the end of our first day at Shuswap. There is much more to say, but I'm done for today so:
To be continued in the next blog... Posted by Picasa
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