Monday, September 11, 2006

The monster under my lab table.

Just when I thought I'd have to go out and BUY some more plastic-lunchy-storage type containers, I'm back in business!

At the end of June our Lost and Found bins were emptied. School's only been on for a week and they're already brimming with the fruits of parents' salaries. Hoodies, lunch bags, gym shoes, pencils and pens - but don't forget the tupperware! And get this: none of them have names on them! What are parents thinking these days?! Sending pre-teens to school without their names sewn into their underwear. Just plain irresponsible, I say.

I posted a big sign in my classroom that reads:

Keep them in your locker.
That is why you have a locker - to keep things SAFE.
If you leave your belongings in this room overnight, I won't be held responsible for them.
If they are labeled with your name, they will be put into my Lost and Found bin.
If they are not, I will hold them up during Advisory class to be claimed. If unclaimed, they will be eaten by the monster that lives under my lab table.
You will not see them again."

I think the message is pretty darn clear.

So far, the monster under my lab table has eaten a couple of really nice unlabeled Rubbermaid sandwich containers and a primo Lock & Lock veggie box. After a cleansing trip through the dishwasher on the super-hot cycle, they are ready to add to my well-labeled collection.

Ah, the fringe benefits...
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