Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Slowly chipping away...

So, everyone knows that I love pugs. Yet, despite me explaining, often in great detail, their immense cuteness and universal appeal, I have not succeeded in converting the entire universe into pug-lovers. So today, I will post conclusive evidence that pugs are the best dogs for Fall. Particularly Halloween.

To do this, I will display a random assortment of jpegs I've pulled from various emails received lately.

Warning: Indisputable cuteness ahead!

Aww! What can be more adorable than a pair of Pug-dogs.

Oh no! Look out, it's Pug Vader.

He may be small and wrinkly, but his cuteness is a force to contend with, it's Pugda!

Eeeeek! It's an unbearably huggable spugder!

A puggagator (or maybe a puggadile, not sure.)

If only the cat were easier to dress up. I can simultaneously picture him in a Mao tse-tung costume and me with his claws embedded in my forehead.
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