Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Spas and lazer beam eyes.

Thanksgiving was wonderful! Granted, the accomodations were a bit crammed with all of us and our plates, but it all worked out, and the turkey was tender and fabulous (which makes any crammedness seem trivial.) Kudos to Shannon!

It was great having my folks come out to the island for a weekend. Mom and I spent most of a morning at the Grotto Spa. Love spas. Just love them. In fact, I wish I could be in a spa every single day.

Even better, if I could have any job, it would be to travel around to all the best international spas and write comprehensive reviews about all of their treatments (to which I would have to be subjected first, of course) for some ultra-posh magazine. This, to me would be the *perfect* job!

Speaking of perfect, if the world were perfect then I would have some crazy super-power like lazer-beam eyes, or telekinesis (Beanie, I'm with you on this one) or maybe the ability to just plain vaporize ignorant, self-centered thorn-in-your-side ibiots and norons that make the lives of all those that they encounter miserable.

I know we're supposed to forgive folks a thousand times over, but after the first few times, you can get pretty fed up with some folks, especially if they keep on doing the same irresponsible or just plain dumb and annoying things over and over. This is why I need to become the Instant Karminator - dispensing instant karma where it is needed most. Wha-BANG!!!

Come on... there must be some kind of government funding for this kind of thing!

All right, most of you have probably guessed that She-who-cannot-be-named has struck again. Even Voldemort would cower from this super-nemesis. Yet here I am, having to be all polite and not-exploding-like in the face of sheer INSANITY!

Man, could I ever use a trip to the spa right about now.

Or lazer beam eyes...
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