Monday, November 13, 2006

Shiny new floors.

I had been coasting along with my busy weekly routine since September, with only two major interruptions. One being the nasty cold that I got towards the end of September and the other being some extra girls around the house after Thanksgiving. Neither managed to break my resolve to get on with my carefully orchestrated routines, such as "The Sunday Night Filling of the Crock Pot," "Saturday Morning Chores" and "Wednesday Afternoon Classroom Defragmentation" and "The Thursday Evening Marking Marathon". These routines have been created, through a delicate process of trial and error, to allow me enough free time to nurture my relationships with my husband, cat, couch and, occasionally, blog. Yes, things were going well.

Then came the laminate floors. A brilliant idea the resulted in three solid weekends of work that knocked me off my horse. It was all worth it, though. The floors look amazing, feel amazing and are much easier to clean then carpet.

There are still a few things to do, such as finishing my baseboards, transition strips and quarter rounds, but that will come. For now, I'm just very thankful to have an amazing husband and a wonderful, generous and tool-rich father that helped me to bring this not-so-simple project to fruition.

Through the magic of photography, I have documented the final two weekends of our flooring adventure. Click HERE to see what we've been up to around the house...
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