Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pour mes ami(e)s blilingues.

Every day, I thank Le Bon Dieu that I know how to speak French.
Not because I spend half of my day crowing at lazy French Immersion students "parlez Français, les élèves!" or because I enjoy constantly correcting fossilized errors: "tu ES fini?* Alors, va te creuser une tombe!" "La bouteille regarde rempli - les bouteilles n'ont pas des yeux!"** but because it has basically made me my living.

Every single job that I have held for the past 10 years has been because I am bilingual. N'est-ce pas formidable?

Sometimes I have trouble convincing my students that it is worth the effort to speak a second language. They prefer to gab away in English when they can get away with it because, face it, it's much easier to gossip, waste class time and trash your peers in your mother tongue. I thank my wonderful colleagues, Selena and Todd for being my constant companions in fighting the "PARLEZ FRANÇAIS!" battle.

Well, today I give all you French-knowing people the gift of laughter. Thanks to my aforementioned colleague, Todd, I discovered the most rigolo site ever. Check it out, and don't be embarased if you have to play it a few times to get the slang.

Check out the Hallowe'en one. Vous allez rire à tue-tête.


* Je suis fini = I am dead, whereas J'ai fini = I am done.
** La bouteille a l'air rempli is the correct way to say this.
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