Thursday, January 04, 2007

Beware of fuzzy puddles.

There is a fuzzy puddle
reposing on my bed
which wears these striped pyjamas with
two pointies on its head.

It seems to have four soft, round limbs
Each ending in sharp hooks
Despite this, I am certain
It's as cuddly as it looks.

As my feet pad nearer,
I meet with a surprise
It has two lovely kohl-lined streaks
Which open into eyes.

And underneath? Some spiny teeth
encased in soft, pink trim.
And - I'll be hung! Out peeks a tongue -
This critter looks quite dim.

On the other banded end,
a slowly swishing tail,
and some vestigial evidence:
this puddle must be male.

My tender hand now hovers
o'er luxurious expanse:
that rotund, bulging belly
clad in plush pyjama pants.

When abruptly I remember:
just last week upon my couch
I tried to touch this puddle
and it ended with an "OUCH!"

And yet my hand continues down,
as though in fate entangled,
and that is why, my dearest friends,
it looks like it's been mangled.

RT 2007
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