Friday, February 23, 2007

Meet Flipper.

Today we had our first ultrasound!

At 13 weeks, it's actually quite early to have one, but having read up on the diagnostic advantages, I decided it's what I wanted to do.

Dr. Cooper is one of the 3 doctors in B.C. currently performing these tests, so we really lucked out in getting an appointment. He was very friendly and knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable and well-informed.

Great news all around! Flipper's measurements indicate that I am, indeed, 13 weeks pregnant - and that he/she is developing perfectly!

We got a very clear picture of our little one from head to toe and most of the time I could tell exactly which bit was which! Even though, from head to rump, Flipper is only about 6-7 cm long, he/she has the most adorable little hands and feet with five fingers/toes on each, two eyes, a strong heartbeat , a well-developed spine and even a nose bone (which is apparently an excellent sign this early!)

Our first view in the ultrasound was a bird's eye of Flipper's head, hands and feet. He/she was just bopping around like mad! It really hit home at that moment that I have a little living being in there - I couldn't stop giggling. What an amazing feeling!

Unfortunately we don't have any photos from this ultrasound, it being primarily diagnostic, but I will be sure to get some when we go in for our 18-week ultrasound at the end of March. But I did get Peter to take some pictures of me and my belly, so here are some 3-month photos:

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