Monday, February 12, 2007

Out on a log.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of a spontaneous visit from my bro. Mike (who I will affectionately refer to henceforth as "Moo").
Moo came out, on a whim, to take my place at the Barenaked Ladies concert on Jan. 31st and crashed at our place for the night. He and Peter enjoyed the show, which featured a cameo from Mr. Floatie, a local icon. I was sad to have missed it, but it was great to spand some time with Moo.

Anyhow, we went for a walk along Dallas Rd and down to the breakwater at Ogden point, because it was a beautiful day. And we took some pic-a-tures, which I will post to my flickr site. (Just click on the banner in the right hand column to get there!)

I miss my fam. It seems like a particularly long haul to Spring Break this year. Haven't been back to the mainland since New Year's, but Terry Fox Senior Secondary's 10-year reunion for the class of 1996 (that's me) is the weekend of the 24th, and I intend to attend.

I'm still torn about what to wear though... I've hit that awkward frumpy stage where I've got a bit of a belly, but it could be mistaken for pudge. My pants are getting tighter, but most of my t-shirts still fit, but it definitely looks like I've gotten a bit thicker around the middle.(I will take a 3-month photo this weekend)

So, either I go for cover-up mode and wear something loose and baggy that will conceal my frumpy state, or I enhance the bump and wear something empire-waisted that makes me look more bumpy than I am, and therefore clearly pregnant. Whaddaya think?
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