Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Trimester 2: Return of the Teacher

Yes, yes, I know I promised a pregnancy photo, but I just haven't gotten around to making Peter take one, so this is a lovely crocus coming up in the Cedar Hill golf course.

I spent last weekend pondering a few facts:

- Running out of sick days
- Wonderful Teacher on Call who is replacing me has vacation booked
- Haven't barfed in a week - Diclectin appears to be working

...which led me to the conclusion that it wast time to go back to work.

So back I went on Monday with two (re-useable envorinmentally - friendly) shopping bags full of groceries to stock my class fridge.

The kids were happy to see me. I admit, I kinda missed them too. They have, thus far, been quite well-behaved. Maybe they sense my capacity for violent mood swings...
So, I've made it through most of the week (today being Wednesday) and will be booking off Friday (let's not push it!)

I've been surprisingly functional at work, but I'm pretty much useless when I get home in the afternoon. There is a lot of napping and blobbing involved in my evenings, which end at about 9:00 as I tuck myself into bed. Sleeping, however, is blissful.

I'd been wondering for most of my life why both my cat and my brother Jord (aptly nicknamed J-Bear) seemed to find sleeping so enjoyable, but now I know. It is the happiest, most perfect state of existence, especially with a body pillow and memory-foam mattress topper involved. I now have the capacity to go to bed at 9:00pm sleep in until 11:00am. This is unheard of for me. I'm expecting it to pass.

Chelle's Food top-three:

#1 - I love yogurt lately. Not that I didn't before, but now I can eat like a bucket a day, if I let myself. Currently the Olympic Organic blueberry-flavoured stuff is my tummy's nosh of choice.

#2 - Habitant yellow-can French Canadian pea soup. Soupalicious.

#3 - Homemade egg 'o' muffins: scrambled egg-whites, swiss cheese and fried ham on whole-wheat English muffins.

Do NOT eat in front of me:

#1 - Bananas - YES! BANANAS! My favourite fruit is currently a pariah in this house due to an unfortunate incident at dance class last Monday. Bad, bad, bad bananas.

#2 - Those Chinese rice snacks that you get in Dan-d-packs or in the bulk food section (also corn nuts). Did you know they smell like dirty hamster cage? Well, they do.

#3 - Sausage. Co-worker was eating sausage pasta in the staff room yesterday. Put me RIGHT off my lunch. (somehow does not apply to hot-dog weiners)

That's about it for today. I can't wait to go over to the mainland this weekend. I'm going to have lunch at my Grandma's new place on Sunday (a very nice assisted-living complex) - she can't wait to introduce me to the other ladies who sit at her table (tee hee! it's just like the cafeteria in high school!)
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