Thursday, March 29, 2007

Aie! My spleen!

My mom has given Flipper a new name, which I quite like - "Tumbler". Seems appropriate, since it now has fingers and toes (complete with nails) and also, given my Dr.'s discovery at our appointment on Tuesday. She had the doppler all ready to track down the fetal heartbeat and my stomach was all jellied up. She quickly found the rapid "kwoosh-kwoosh-kwoosh-kwoosh" that signals life, but couldn't keep track of it long enough to get a count.

It seems our little one is an acrobat, soccer star and escape artist all at once. Apparently it was doing somersaults in order to avoid having its heartbeat measured. Whenever I sit down or lie down, it jabs at me with its minisclue pointy feet and elbows (which it surely has inherited from its dad, Prickly Pete) "Whatcha doin' mom? Hurry up and get moving!"

Yesterday just before lunchtime, it located a particularly sensitive part of my intestine. I couldn't help but squeak in surprise, right in the middle of my Science lesson. Felt like someone was tapping an interior funny bone - it's the strangest sensation! I can only imagine that as it increases in size and strength, I will never feel alone, what with the constant reminders of a little tumbler inside me. I'm getting ready for some "alien footprints" later on in pregnancy!

I just hope it calms down by the time it's ready to enter the world, or we might just be in trouble...
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