Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cooking for preggies.

I actually meant to post this a month ago. My food cravings have gotten considerably more tame lately, but this will give you an idea of the type of things I craved ravenously.

O.K. Are you ready?

First, gather the necessary tools and ingredients. Ensure that ingredients are fresh:

Next, use tools to access ingredients:

If tools are not working, improvise:

Carefully pour ingredients into pot:

Make sure can is empty. Wouldn't want to waste any precious letters, now would we?.

Slice up European tube-steaks. Set icky end-bits aside:

Put cut-up tube steaks in pot.
Crud! Where did that 4th icky end-bit go?

Stir it all together:

Put pot on stove on mediumish heat:

Cover with lid. Or if you cannot find lid, save time by using frying pan from this morning's eggs.

Take note of the time. Add exactly about ten minutes. Stir while cooking, if you like. Or go lie on the couch. And rub your belly.

Presentation is important. It tempts the palate. Make sure that you have some toast on hand to cut up into strips. Serve with cold guava juice:

Don't forget all the vitamins and minerals that will make this a complete lunch. Enjoy!
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