Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pregnancy Update: 4 Months and Counting!

All the books I've read said that I'd start getting my energy back in the second trimester - they were right! I'm back to sleeping 10 hours a night - no more naps necessary during the day!

My nausea is mostly gone, but I'm still on 4 Diclectin a day for my digestion. I tried going off, but I got this weird "bubbly tummy" thing and lots of heartburn. Better to stick to what works, especially since Diclectin is a safe drug. I'll finish off this month, then try going off again.

As you can see, Peter took some photos of me. Then he had to take some more after I looked at the first batch. My mistake. I had the camera in a mode that required him to light meter and set the focus area. My hubby may be brilliant with computers, but when it comes to cameras, he's better off in dummy mode (also known as Auto Everything).

Last month's photos
were taken right before I got the Norwalk Virus. I actually lost close to 5 pounds right after they were taken, but have managed to bounce back. As you can see, I'm starting to "pop" now. I've definitely got a bump and apparently I'm "carrying high" whatever that means.

My bump is hard as a rock and everyone seems to want to poke it to prove this. Some days I feel like my organs are under so much pressure I'm going to explode. Someone should make me a WHMIS warning sign. It would only be fair to Peter. Especially in the evening after dinner... Ah! Pregnancy is so glamorous!

We have an ultrasound on April 12th. Both of us are hoping to find out whether it's a boy or a girl. I know that the whole "knowing the sex of your baby" thing is controversial. I haven't yet met someone who's neutral on this issue, however our reasoning is this: Yeah, surprises are great but we're too dang curious NOT to find out now! Besides, I'd like to buy things ahead of time in colours other than green and yellow.

I've started moisturizing every day to try to avoid stretch marks - here's hoping!

Exciting news! We've found a home for our piano until we move. Friends of Shannon and Neil are taking it, which works out perfectly because their young daughter is interested in starting piano lessons. The extra room in the office will accommodate a crib/playpen. I've started emptying out a dresser and making room in the closet. I'm also painting some shelves to match the walls for some extra storage. We're almost ready to start accumulating baby stuff!

Speaking of which, we've made a list of "equipment", which can be found HERE. Check it out, especially all of you who are baby-savvy! Are we missing anything? Is there anything on our list that is useless? Input is appreciated!

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