Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Shortcuts to the nearest couch

I'm not normally one who abides slacking off - but lately I have been looking for the shortest route to the couch. Due to my pregnancy and recent illnessesss (many plurals) I've recently developed an appreciation for doing nothing - well, not exactly doing nothing, because I mostly just want to sit there and be entertained... by Peter.

This poses a problem because Peter usually wants to be entertained by his computer - THAT IS when he is not:
a. working at his computer
b. researching at his computer
c. catching up on his RSS feeds at his computer
d. blogging at his computer
e. snogging with his computer
f. wiping his computer screen with windex

This is not helping with my clinginess! Need to cling!

I guess having to entertain oneself is one of the downfalls of not having cable. I never realized it though, not normally having the urge to become surgically implanted into my couch.

Usually I'm doing some kind of yoga video or trying to work on one of my many incomplete projects.

Really, I SHOULD be getting ahead of the pruning in the garden, or working on costumes for the big May dance recital (especially since most of the ones I now own will definitely not fit!) I could also make some kind of soup or stew - or even toss some ingredients into the breadmaker. I could definitely spend some time starting to clean out the baby's dresser and closet. I have shelves to paint, baseboards to paint and clothes to sort through. I could revise the Antonyms unit I've been working on for after spring break. There's also the shredding to do - and the fridge could use a once-over. And my desk is a mess.

Gee! I made a list! That felt pretty productive. I'm going to go sit on the couch now.
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