Monday, April 09, 2007

4th Annual Easter Egg-Stravaganza.

All in all, the Friesen Easter was good times. Peter, Morgan, Mao and I agree that it is well worth the annoying ferry ride every year.

So, Highlights of the weekend include:

1. Grandma Friesen Wii boxing:

No doubt about it, our 90-year-old contender has a mighty right hook. Best not be messin' with THIS grandma's purse! Moo recorded the whole event on camera - check it out on his blog.

2. Jordan's cauliflower with cheese.

I'm not allowed to eat cauliflower, normally. There is a very good reason for this: It makes me (more) gassy (than usual.) However, I ate some, then I ate some more afterwards. It was delicious and totally worth it, as far as I'm concerned.
As I settled on the couch for my evening ritual (reclined on my left side, of course) I knew it would be a spectacular show. It's not often you can gross out a room full of young bachelors. I'm actually pretty proud.

3. Full-contact Easter Egg hunt with handicaps.

Yet again, the crazies (minus two this year, as Jess and Thomas were with their Dad's side of the family) got together and ran around looking for candy-filled eggs. Thanks to reasonably clement weather, the hunt was held outside this year, the first time in 3 years.
Mostly, Kevin got dirt, Mike got nothing, Jordan got basketballs, Ross held his own and Morgan kicked butt (mainly by staying out of the guys' way).

4. The Pasqua:

Easter bread. Definitely a tradition in my Mennonite family, although I'm not sure of its roots. Probably Eastern European or something. Sweet, but not too sweet, fluffy, with a tart icing and those little coloured sprinkles. Yum yum. In order to eat it, one must also know the Mennonite Easter greeting: Person 1: "He is risen." Person 2: (enthusiastically) "He is risen indeed!" Always sounds better when mouth is full of pasqua.

5. Enduring belly abuse. (Not really a highlight, but needs to be mentioned.)

Although I looked forward to painting up my belly as a festive Easter egg to celebrate Christ's resurrection, all hopes were dashed by my mother's complete revulsion at the very mention of me exposing my bare, burgeoning stomach.
Then my Auntie Janet called me "fatty" all day Sunday in a vain attempt to burst my overinflated self-esteem.
Oh, and let's not forget Jord's lovely illustration of me as a flatulent whale.
Well, no dice. bellyhaters! "Too bad for you," I say! "I have a belly. It is a nice belly, and I now that have an outie instead of an innie, it is much easier to clean!"

Besides, I'll have plenty of time to run around with my ginormous tum bouncing about willy-nilly when I'm up at the lake this summer. And NOBODY will be able to stop me! Tee hee hee! I shall paint it orange so I look like giant a buoy floating around.

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!
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