Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Many of the "basic luxuries" in life elude me - some by choice, some by necessity:

- Don't have cable.
- Don't buy gossip mags (but I do read them at the hairdresser's)
- Can't claim to be a fashionista; (Not enough shoes or handbags!)
- Allergic to retail therapy - I usually suffer from a guilt complex after dropping unplanned cash at the mall.
- I'm reduced to a very basic wardrobe (albeit temporarily).
- O.K., fine, so my wardrobe is pretty reduced at the best of times.
- No martinis or other fun libations for me (while baby is in tum, at least).
- Because of my cursed grapeskin allergy, I am never allowed to drink wine ever, ever again. (C'mon, I need a big chorous of "awwwww"s here!)
- For the same reasons, no artificially sweetened/flavoured/coloured, preserved or caffeinated, food or drink (yes, this means chocolate!)
- Can't eat shellfish, coffee, tea (the real kind),nuts, citrus fruits and asparagus. And it's asparagus season...

The list continues, but I will stop here.

This doesn't mean, however, that I don't have my indulgences. Some things I splurge on, I guess to make up for all the stuff I can't, or won't have.

For instance:

Cheese! Instead of wasting empty calories on sweets and pastries, I opt for the fatty, salty stuff - great for the arteries, I know. Mmmmm... Gouda, Camenbert and yummy, nutty, firm french cheeses.

Eating out: No Denny's for me. I'd rather eat out once a week and do it well than go for frequent "value" meals. If I am taking the trouble to go out for a dins, there needs to be some ambience involved. Especially if I can't have wine.

Abba Moisture Scentsation Shampoo and Conditioner. "Coute cher" and hard to find, but makes me feel like I'm at the spa every shower.

MAC Cosmetics - especially the eyeshadows and brushes. The best staying power on the market and I love the colours!

Silk Road Looseleaf Herbal Teas. It's fun just to go in and smell them all!

Pedicures... and most other spa treatments, for that matter. In town, it's Ronald Grant. When we go up to Tigh-na-Mara it's Grotto Spa.

And most importantly:Belly Bling. Mostly it's just window shopping, and troupe-related purchases but someday THIS WILL BE MINE!

I guess you could say it's a trade off. Five chocolate bars for a nice wedge of camenbert. A subscription to "O.K." magazine for a sea salt scrub and massage. A bottle of wine for a tin of Angelwater tea. Eight pairs of the latest strappy sandals for one sparkly costume that makes me feel like a diva.

Choices are what makes us individuals. Luxuries are what make us pampered princesses. I like to have both!

So... what are your indulgences?
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