Friday, April 13, 2007

Pink or Blue?

We went for our second ultrasound on Thursday. Part of the preparation for this is to have a full bladder. That way they can get a better view of the cervix and lower placenta (to check for placenta praevia).I drank less than the recommended 32oz. of water that morning, and still ended up doing the frantic 3-year-old pee dance in the waiting room, wiggly feet and all.

When I was called into the ultrasound room, our technician smiled and nodded as I described my extreme discomfort. I'm sure she was thinking to herself, "great, another whiny one..." Then she scanned my lower abdomen and found that my bladder was as distended as a pair of hot pants on Rita McNeil. I was immediately sent off to rectify the situation, not once, but twice. I didn't pee ENOUGH the first time.

I found the ultrasound harder to "get" this time than last time. The baby is bigger now, so you can only see one part at a time. The technician, who was very pleasant and chatty, scanned my placenta and the baby from head to toe at many different angles. Although our Doctor gets the final say, we are right on schedule and everything appears to be super, yet again.

Yes, we did want to find out the gender. And yes, we do have a pretty good idea of what our child will be - although we were told to keep any receipts for purchases that are gender-specific, just in case! And yes, we have our names finalized for a boy and a girl, just in case!

I won't reveal the sex (or the names, for that matter) on my blog, because some people don't want to know just yet (ahem - Mom!) Those who are curious can email me, or message me on Facebook to find out. Alternately, you could leave a comment and I will email you back.

Happy wondering!
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