Saturday, May 12, 2007

6 months: Where DID that 5th month go?

So the weekend we went to the aquarium, I should have been getting photos taken of my belly because it was 4 weeks after the set before were taken, but I just didn't get around to it. It has been a busy month!

On to the pregnancy: Flipper/tumbler has been very active. Whenever I sit down or lie down for more than a minute, I feel lots of movement, from somersaults, to bumps to good ol'kicks. Baby is definitely getting bigger and stronger. There seems to be some kind of primitive conversation going on. It involves music.

Yesterday I was listening to my itunes while working at the computer and I put my headphones on my lap for a moment. I felt the baby pull a 180, I'm assuming, to get its head closer to the music (since it started kicking the top of my uterus). So I tried putting the headphones up above my belly button. A few seconds later, another 180 and kicks down in my pelvis. Then I started experimenting. Here are the results based on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being sedate and 10 being "kicking the snot out of mommy." This experiment is ongoing, so I will post results as they come.

Belly dance music:
- Tabla solos: 6
- Classical egyptian: 7-8
- Modern upbeat (especially involving zills): 7

Classical music:
- Bach with harp: 1
- Debussy piano: 2
- Handel's Water Music: 4
- Violin concertos: 10 (Peter figures it's because violin carries better through water, I maintain that we have a little prodigy in there!)

Chelle's music (still collecting data):
- Tori Amos downtempo: 2
- Morcheeba: 4
- Various Alternative Artists: 5

We have yet to try Peter's music. Make that a *limited* selection of Peter's music. Remember the King Diamond episode last May?

As for me and the blossoming bod: I've had to give up on wearing pre-maternity pants with elastic at the waist... the gap is just getting too precarious to bridge these days. That means I've been shopping for some pants and shorts which will hopefully last me through the summer. Ah, the joys of an (even more) limited wardrobe!

I'm still doing prenatal yoga with Helga Beer, which I will continue until the baby is due (and beyond, if necessary!). I'm also still belly dancing with the troupe, and teaching some students at school. Our big end-of-year recital will be on May 30th. Also, Peter and I have started prenatal classes on Tuesday nights. I'll let you know how those are when I've had another couple of weeks under my belt.

Peter and I are researching strollers this month. I thought we had it narrowed down to the Zooper boogie and the Peg Perego Pliko P3, but we went to TJs kids yesterday and the lady there introduced us to the BOB (baby on board) stroller. Stylish, modern, well-built and folds down better than the Zooper (but not as well as the Pliko). Unfortunately, we seem to be drawn to the medium-to-high end strollers (not Rock Star strollers, though that's just silly!) so we will end up dropping a good wad of cash on whatever we decide to purchase (I've been saving up!) so it is totally worth researching well.

Finally - got some diapers in the mail last week! The first of 2 batches that I will be ordering. Thanks to indispensable advice from Fawn and, I settled on a couple of brands that look like they should work. I just got a shipment of 12 cloth diapers, 3 pocket diapers and 4 covers from Bella Bottoms. Very impressed with the quality - and very cute, too! I will be ordering my next set from Mother-ease later on this month. Doesn't hurt to be prepared!

Yes, we are doing cloth diapers. No we are not insane. As you know, I don't take these kinds of decisions lightly (especially when Peter and poop are involved) and I have discovered several very good reasons to go cloth. Including cost. But we'll save that for another post some other time.

That's it for this month!

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