Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I've been on my no-nuts diet for 8 months now. Mostly, it's no big loss because I've never enjoyed them that much. The only thing I really miss about nuts is peanut butter.

Peter and I buy the "good kind": the all-natural stuff by Adams that comes in the glass jar (which does not leach toxic oils into the peanut butter). I used to love spreading it on toast with honey and sliced-up bananas. Yum. Peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches (PBHBs)!

I've tried simply omitting the peanut butter from the equation, but IT'S JUST NOT THE SAME! You need the creamy/sticky texture of the PB! So, in an act of sheer breakfast-related desperation, I bought a jar of Peabutter.

Yes, Peabutter. Like peanut butter, except made out of peas (I'm assuming the dried yellow kind) instead of peanuts. It's sweetened, but other than that, it's peas. Looks like peanut butter, though - a bit more yellowy. I tried it out this morning and, though it was not perfect, it did the trick when smothered by honey and banana. It does have a bit of a pea-soup aftertaste, but the texture is all right.

I would NEVER eat it with a spoon, though. Just plain yuck.

We'll see if I'm able to get through a whole jar of it...
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