Saturday, June 16, 2007

The T. T. & C. Animal Hospital, Inc.

Here is Mao, back in his glory days of this past January.

Good news today. The cat is at home. It is still a long way to recovery, but there is hope, and now he is finally back where he belongs.

He was released into our care last night with many, many specific instructions. He can't move very well at all, his rear end having been crushified. He is in a long, long healing process, so he is confined to the laundry room for the coming weeks, with all necessary amenities. He's still on a heavy pain medication patch, which the Doctor will re-evaluate on Tuesday. He has to be fed and medicated on schedule and we've got to be vigilant for "soilings" as he is still working on getting into and out of his litter pan.* We are now the Tyrrell, Tyrrell & Cat Animal Hospital, Inc.

We're getting a baby gate to put in the laundry room door, so that he can hear and see what is going on in the rest of the house. He is VERY happy to have attention whenever he can get it, so we're giving him frequent rumples on the head. We are rewarded by purring and squints.

He sleeps most of the time, a testament to his healing body. Who knows how much and how quickly he will heal, but as long as his blood count does not drop again, he is making progress.

Of course, this means that someone has to be at home at all times, particularly since we can't move him about. He won't let us touch his hind quarter at all. Very sensitive, still. We will not be going anywhere, at least together, anytime in the next few weeks, that is for sure, which is O.K. since we can't afford to anyways.

I am so glad to have him at home. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers - please keep on sending him good vibes for the coming weeks!

*Old cookie sheet, he can't climb in a box.
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