Thursday, July 12, 2007

The June insanity continues in July...

My summer vacation officially started on June 30th, but not the usual way.

Usually, summer for this teacher kicks off with our final Pro-D Day: a morning of half-hearted classroom cleanup, followed by an afternoon of wholehearted socializing with other staff members which culminates in the yearly staff party where you can pretty much see the steam rising in mushroom clouds as it is being blown off with the aid of chilled screwtop wobbly-pops, a trampoline, bocce and some karaoke.

Unfortunately, I missed the staff party this year because of my bedrest.
Fortunately, I missed my classroom cleanup - although I'll have to get that over with sooner or later, I suppose.

After 5 days of complete rest I headed out to Coquitlam to fulfill my FSA marking conract. Despite some misgivings, I'm glad I went. I managed to stay off my feet for most of the week and got the marking job done. It was mind-numbing work. For those who don't know, FSA testing is provincial standardized testing done on Literacy (formerly Reading and Writing) and Numeracy (formerly Math) for all grade 4 and 7 students in the province. That's a lot of students, which means there are a lot of markers (350) and a LOT of papers!

In the process of marking over 1200 4-6 page-long stories, I discovered that the vast majority of them were dull as gruel and contained absolutely no imagination or originality. Oh. And. Just to be clear, it's "the sun was shining" NOT "the sun was shinning!" Because if I see a sun that shins one more time on paper, I'm gonna lose it! There were some original stories that got me laughing, thinking or sighing, but for the most part - blah! It was, however, a reasonably well-paid "blah" so I will cease my complaining.

I came back to Victoria and spent a lovely Monday, July 9th getting back on track with my errands and organization. Peter and I spent a divine Monday evening at Butchart Gardens watching my troupe perform on the big stage. They were AMAZING! I wish I could have been part of it, but was also incredibly happy to be a spectator!

Then came the heatwave. This would be the crying part. Tuesday and Wednesday were BRU-TAL! Most of the afternoon and evening our indoor thermostat was at 32 degrees celsius My mind melts and I become a pregnant, mostly-naked, blubbering idiot at around 28. Not a pretty sight.

**The following cat report contains some graphic descriptions!**

Oh, and there's the cat. We took him into the vet before I went out to mark exams because his belly was really swollen and distended. We figured it was constipation. Not pooping for nearly a week could do that...
Turns out, after an internal bleeding scare, it was a bloody, pus-filled seroma. Yum! The vet said it should slowly harden and the swelling should go down over a couple of weeks. Mao got some pain medication and was given the run of the house for awhile.

He pretty much stopped eating on Tuesday, which I figured might be attributed to the heat. Then he wouldn't really drink either, which was very disconcerting because I figured he was going to die of dehydration (insert crying) so I took him off to the vet. In the sweltering heat.

The saroma is not getting better. Still bloody and pus-filled, as the vet demonstrated by removing a whole syringe of fluid from our spitting, writhing cat. Only now it is infected too! The cat, still writhing seconds after being punctured, flung himself down off the table onto the floor. In the process of doing this, he released a warm, gooey jet of saroma-filling, which splattered all down the side of my face and left sickly red droplets all over the walls and floor of the exam room. It was 28 degrees in the vet's office. The weeping was inevitable - and that was before I was handed the bill.

So, about the cat:

He is wearing a big plastic collar, which he hates. His saroma is draining through a lovely surgically-inserted tube, which leaves gross little puddles all over the laundry room, where he is currently imprisoned. Oh, and this morning, feeling extra-mobile due to his strong pain meds, he discovered how to jump over the child gate, and left a trail of saroma-pus all around the house, then out the front door, which was left open to cool things down. I rigged up a cardboard blocking device to keep him from jumping the gate again, but it didn't end there.

The final straw was when Peter tried to administer his antibiotic squirt and he proceeded to foam at the mouth, then vomit all over the laundry room. The mop has been in active duty all day.Haven't cried yet today, but I'm close. Then again, it's only 25 degrees in here.

I will be picking up a new prescription (which had better damn well work) this afternoon. The cat is presently in a funk, refusing to eat and drink and just generally being as miserable as he can be. We can't figure out whether or not he kept his pain pill down. We didn't find it in all the vomit, but he threw up a lot and we may have missed it. Not sure what to do... I guess if he's not looking perkier in an hour or two, we'll give him another one this afternoon.

Hey, at least I don't have to work...
Poor Peter. It's his birthday AND he's working AND dealing with all of this.
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