Monday, July 30, 2007

Person in a lake in a person in a lake.

It's hard to write a blog with Jord firing ridiculous blog-topic ideas over my shoulder, but I will try to maintain my focus. Ahem. So here I am at the cabin on Shuswap, feelin' pretty posh. It's all comfy and cool and tastefully furnished and the lake, despite being slushie-temperature since the wind blew up last night, is a happy refuge for this mama manatee.

Peter likes to go for marathon kayaks in the morning. He sets off like some intrepid explorer for 3 1/2 hour paddles with only a granola bar and bottle of water. Not sure what he's trying to prove, really, but it seems to make him happy. After a few hours I start scanning the horizon for a little orange blob and two waving yellow specks, just to make sure he's not gone and drowned himself. The cat and I prefer relaxing in the shade on the front deck overlooking the lake.

Mao is a very happy kitty. He's got the run of the place and it's like Kitty Club Med. His tummy is bruised, but looking better every day. I'm pretty sure he's mostly recovered from all his trauma, as he is currently lying on a recliner on the deck with his 4 paws in the air and his tongue protruding slightly through grinning gums...

Peter, Morgan and I have all finished the last Harry Potter as of Wednesday. Just read it, already! (If you haven't yet.) That's all I will say on that particular topic.

We're heading back to the Island sometime this coming weekend. I'm sad to leave, for one, because it's been so amazing here, but I have a Dr's appointment on Tuesday and we're booked for an ultrasound.

Five weeks to go and Baby is still breech. Bum down. Feet kicking bladder. Constant alien-like elbow scrapings. Very uncomfortable. I'm trying everything: hours on my hands and knees, pelvic tilts, sleeping on my left side, lots of breaststroke in the lake, sitting up straight, not reclining, not lying on my back, sitting on an exercise ball. Any other ideas? I mean, short of riding roller coasters.

Anyhoo, the ultrasound will ensure that there's nothing physical preventing the baby from turning (entangled cord, etc.) so that maybe I can try some other methods. Also, perhaps at this ultrasound, we will be able to confirm that she is a she after all.

Well, it's about snack time and I see some blueberries wanting to be eaten on the counter. With my current fruit consumption, I wouldn't be surprised if the little one comes out berry-scented. Or at least maybe her diapers will be...
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