Saturday, August 25, 2007

Certainly Uncertain.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories and experiences with me! It's really reassuring to know I'm not the only mom-to-be out there who has been nervous
about "the birth!" I'm doing much better with the c-section thing now. I've come to a calm, happy place about it. Of course, now that I feel that way, things aren't so certain anymore.

As of this past Tuesday, I have been thoroughly confused about the position of the baby. At my appointment, Dr. McLeod (with my mom as witness) found what appeared to be a head at the TOP of my uterus, but then also found what appeared to be a head down close to my cervix.

Now, in the olden days, they would have suspected twins, but that has been ruled out by three ultrasounds (much to Peter's relief), so I suspect that the baby has either:
1. sprouted an extra head (very cool hydra-baby) or
2. grown a bubble bum. The cute, tight perky kind. The kind I once had sometime before pregnancy (forever ago) and will probably never have again.

The good news is that we will know on Tuesday. Yes, another ultrasound. This will be "the decisive one". If the baby is NOT head-down, we will proceed with the c-section. If the baby IS head down and looks like she's engaging, then we will let things proceed naturally and hope for the best!

I'll update on Tuesday!
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