Sunday, August 12, 2007

Waiting for updates...

I haven't posted for awhile, even though tons of things have happened and Peter and I have had to make some tricky decisions.
I haven't posted because I'm waiting for an ending to my story, which I probably won't get until Tuesday. Even then, the ending won't be set in stone, because things could change between then and... whenever it is that whatever happens happens.

Vague enough for you?

In any case, with only a few weeks until d-day (delivery day) and with the baby being considered full-term now (37 weeks) pretty much anything could happen and any of those anythings will result in a nice-sized, healthy baby. Just waiting to see how baby will arrive. It may or may not be a surprise. I' will spill the beans when I know a bit more.

Until Tuesday, then!
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