Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mama's got a new gig!

Tuesday was the first day of school. I would have been busy doing many things, had I been going back to work this year; September startup is always a bustling time for teachers.

Still - the word "busy" has not ever been defined for me the way it is now.

I have this amazing little being - Evangeline. She eats and sleeps and breathes us. We are run off our feet by a tiny miracle.

I am enjoying a few moments of "free time" right now. Evvy is in a very comfy sling dozing across my chest as I type this. Mornings are mommy and baby time - 6am to 9. Daddy doesn't do mornings, so he gets to sleep in and does his late-night shift from 11pm to 2am as I get some not-optional shut-eye.

I learned very quickly that I am not a night owl:
No sleep and all baby makes mommy a crazy person.
No sleep and all baby makes mommy a CRAZY person.
NO sleep and ALL baby makes mommy... well you get the idea.

Some things are easy:
Being completely and utterly in love with my Evvy, for one.

OK. let's amend the previous statement - One thing is easy.

We have faced some serious challenges in the past few days involving breastfeeding and sleep/wake schedules(I say "we" because I'm the one with the boobs, but Peter's got to help wake up Evvy as she dozes off mid-feed and help keep me from bawling as Evvy latches on to the sore side).

I know we will get through them, and Evvy will start plumping up soon, but right now these problems loom very large in my mind. I am so thankful for the support and advice I've received from my doula, Heather and an amazing nurse, Annette, who dropped by yesterday. I honestly, really, really could not and would not be still breastfeeding without them.

Speaking of support, Peter is absolutely amazing. Boy did I pick the right guy to father my child! He is unflappable, dedicated and devoted to me and Evvy. From spending 4 nights "camping out" in my hospital room to changing diapers under the most grueling circumstances, the man is there for us. Can you feel the love?...tonight? Sorry. Hormones making me all mushy there.

I am so glad my mom's been around to help us with all the things we can't get to during the day. Which pretty much includes everything we normally do around the house. We would be starving and living in utter chaos were it not for her help making meals, cleaning up and taking her turn with the baby. I know we'll be needing plenty of support for the next couple of weeks and am so happy to have the experienced hands of grandmas who have been there before. Evangeline Alice Merilee Tyrrell is lucky enough to have two wonderful grandmothers, which is why we gave her both of their names.

So, there it is in a nutshell. I apologize to all those of you who have left me messages and emails! I am getting around to reading/listening to them and I am so glad to hear from all of you. I will get back to you in the coming weeks when things settle down.

Lots of love - From me and Evvy.

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