Monday, September 24, 2007

Two steps forward...

Cold naked baby - 2 1/2 weeks old.

Evvy wearing Grandma T's very cool knitted sweater. - 3 weeks old.

Evvy snuggled in the sling. - 2 weeks old.

Evvy, Granmmy and I (a bit worn out today!) - 2 weeks old.

Here is a very quick one-handed between-feeding update:

Still getting used to the new mom thing. Evvy is generally great, but the hours between midnight and 3am remain insane. Or rather I remain insane during those hours!
Feeding troubleshooting continues, but Evvy seems to be gaining weight, between the breast, the SNS and the newly introduced Bottle o' Breastmilk, administered by daddy. Feeding, pumping, sterilizing and diaper changes - there's not time to do much else, so the housework is lagging terribly as is any semblance of my former life. My kingdom for a clean bathroom!

Some high points this weekend: Alice-mom and Shannon came by to bake me some muffins - essential for snacking! We also enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Milligans' the other night. A welcome break from our usual scramble-together-whatever's-handy routine. We also went for a walk in Beacon Hill park the other day, which was nice.

I am trying to apply for a passport for Evvy and I. It's an annoying and time consuming process WITHOUT an infant, so you can only imagine the snail's pace at which I travel on the "road to passport". I have the forms almost filled out now, but need to get pictures and a guarantor. Pictures should be a challenge. Evvy needs to have her eyes open and a "neutral expression" on her face. Should be a challenge!
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