Friday, November 30, 2007

Evvy is 3 months old!

Little Evvy is growing like a weed. A very cute weed. The non-invasive pretty little flowering kind that you'd never want to pluck.



Evvy has made some remarkable accomplishments this month. Her patented Happy Squeak has risen in both volume and pitch by about 200% this quarter. Quite the achievement for someone with lungs as long as your pinky finger! Her favourite sound, other than the squeaking is "eau" like the French word for water. Evvy does love the bathtub... She has her chatty times on the change table and hangin' out with me and Peter in the evenings.




As of 2 1/2 months, she has been standing up (with assistance, of course!) Sometimes she does the "stiff baby" when she doesn't fancy being put in her car seat. Her head control is getting much better and she's able to look around on her own without all that newborn floppiness.

I put her in the Jolly Jumper this week and she absolutely loved it. She's still a little young, so rather than jumping, she sort of bounces from side to side and flaps around. She is batting things with her hands, but has yet to look and grab something. It's coming soon, though! She loves chewing on her fist, and still doesn't really take a soother, just daddy's finger.



And on the Eating and Sleeping Front...

Our little sweet pea is getting more efficient at breastfeeding. FINALLY! I'm able to avoid supplementing with the bottle for most morning and overnight feeds. She's gaining weight really well and is quickly growing out of her 3-month sleepers.

She usually has 2 longer naps each day, with a short one in between. She still does not nap in her crib during the day, which Grammy thinks is an Absolute Travesty. I guess we just never got her into the habit, since Peter can just snuggle with her in the Baby Hawk while she's working. I admit, though, when Peter's not around, it makes it a tad more difficult for me to get anything done. Maybe we'll try to train her out of the habit this month.



At night, she has slept for up to 5 hours at a time. It's usually more like 4, though. Putting her down to bed can be hard. She fights falling asleep like crazy! She tends to be all awake in the evenings and will go down typically between 11pm and midnight. With 2 wake-ups, she will sleep until about 8am. I'd love to back that bedtime up to 10pm and get her onto some kind of evening routine. She had a nasty cold this month, which made routine-making a bit tricky.



Being a mom is getting better and better as I interact more with Evvy. I'm getting to know her unique little personality. She's sweet, social, active and opinionated and only 3 months old! This is starting to be fun...

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