Saturday, November 03, 2007

Little Squeeka at 9 weeks (and counting)

Evangeline is now 9 weeks old!

Although a lightweight for her age, at a mere 11 pounds*, she is growing out of her tiny sleepers and into less-tiny ones - which is great because I have some really cute 3-month clothes! And so it goes, from less tiny to even less tiny and soon she will just be small, or wee if you prefer. Feeding is still our daily challenge, and some days it's easier than others. She's just not an eater!

"So, what can she do?" you ask. Well, the list goes on and on.

She can make way more facial expressions now, which is great because now we get more specific feedback. This makes the whole parenting thing way easier. Before it was content/miserable. Now it runs the gamete from thrilled to ornery. She smiles and giggles when entertained and especially likes funny faces. Her daddy is really good at eliciting squeals of happiness with his funny rubbery mug and loud raspberries.

The bathtub and change table are two of her favourite places when she's awake because she has our undivided attention. That, and her bum is naked and gets cleaned for her. Who wouldn't like that? Also, her bodily functions can explode unhindered by a diaper in both locales. She pees regularly on the change table (especially at 2am when I am still half-asleep) and made a nice, frothy bathtub poop this past week, which was not so fun for us, but a riot for her!

Evvy has started chatting a bit. She's not so big on consonants (who is, though) but likes her vowels: mostly "oh" and "ah" in varying tones and pitches. Sometimes she talks to people, and sometimes to her books or a pattern on the wall.

Sleeping is going O.K.. At night, she will sleep (which means I will sleep) for a couple of 3-hour stretches between feeds. If I'm lucky I can squeeze another hour out of her in the early morning, then I'm up for the day. I can't wait until she's sleeping for 5 hours at a time. I still feel as though I'm running on empty most days. During the daytime, she naps very soundly for an hour at a time, when bundled up in a wrap or carrier and taken out for a walk in the fresh fall air.

I've started her on cloth diapers now and she is wearing them for the most part, except when I figure there is a poop imminently arriving, which is every two days or so. They're a bit more bulky, but work well. I've been using the Bella Bottoms one size diapers and Sandy's Diapers by Mother-ease I also have some Mother-ease one size diapers, but she's a bit small for those still.

I am doing better each month. I can chalk it up to experience and the natural healing process. The pregnancy weight is peeling off slowly, helped by breastfeeding, my dietary restrictions and daily walks. I still have a few months to go before I'll be fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans, though, which I find frustrating.

I'm back doing belly dance on Monday nights and will probably start teaching beginner dance classes in January one or two nights a week. I have no time to do knitting or work on my costumes at present, but I have been able to spend time each day with friends or family.

Peter manages to work with me and Evvy at home. She doesn't fuss much and I try to stay out of his hair. There is no doubt that we need an extra room, though. Evvy still sleeps in our bedroom and needs her own room ASAP. Guess that means we're thinking about moving come the springtime!

* Most 2-month-olds we've encountered are about 12 pounds or more.
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