Saturday, December 29, 2007

Evvy is 4 months old!

This month has been all about the hands.
Evvy has caught on to reaching and grabbing now and is able to drag all manner of inedible object into her mouth. She's still not doing "precision strikes" on things she wants, but she is getting to the point now where she can focus in on something and get a firm grasp on it after a couple of attempts. My hair, when not firmly secured in ponytail, is popular as are any necklaces I decide to wear. She has not yet succeeded in ripping out my nose stud, but has come close a few times, more by accident than on purpose!

Evvy also discovered laughter half way through the month. She will now giggle and squeak together when excited about someone or something. All in all, when she's had a decent nap, a good feeding and a diaper change, she's a very happy little girl and quite the charmer!

She's definitely growing and now fits into all of her 3-6 month clothes and is wearing 6 month pyjamas. She's also started to grow a bit more hair. It's still fine, blonde and fuzzy, but there's more of it now. All the better for the winter months.

Her first Christmas went well - lots of attention from grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles! It has been great spending time at Grammie and Grandpa's place in Coquitlam and seeing family and friends that we don't get to visit with as often as we'd like to. We had a nice visit with Paul and Tracey and their little ones, Owen (2 yrs) and sweet little Rylee (2 1/2 months). Bill and Kym also showed up with Bridget (5 1/2 months), who wins the cute n' chubby contest by a long shot!

Evvy enjoys meeting new people. She is also fascinated by her new toys and books. Each one has a different feel and taste which is fun for her to experience. We will have to dole them out one at a time to keep her excited for the next few weeks.

We're working on sitting up now. Evvy likes to be propped up so that she can play with toys and see things around her. The car seat is an unpopular way to do this, but I got her a Bumbo chair and she seems to enjoy sitting and playing in it.

Feeding continues to go well. She's plumping up nicely and now weighs about. She is a happy little nurser now, but she has had some gas problems on and off which have caused us all some grief. With some patience, rocking and Tylenol, they can be brought under control. She's also had a head cold and cough all month.

The larger challenge is getting her down for a nap. Evvy is still very resistant to napping in her crib. Or anywhere but on the chest of a warm, immobile body. The silly little goose gets herself worked into a right frenzy if she is put down while sleeping. Trying to break her of this habit has been frustrating and heartbreaking and, so far, has not worked particularly well. I've tried warm water bottles, swaddling, white noise all the tricks, but she's got this little radar that goes of if she's not sleeping ON someone!

I know that she will settle into some kind of routine eventually, I'd just like to think that it will be sooner, rather than later! Any tricks or tips out there to encourage a relucatant napper? I will take any advice that comes my way, at this point!

Well, tonight Evvy enters the second year of her existence and I hope that 2008 is a wonderful one for her. She has changed so much already, I can't wait to see what the next year will bring!
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