Friday, January 25, 2008

Evvy is 5 months old!

This month has been a big one in terms of establishing, adjusting and occasionally obliterating routines.

At 14 pounds, 15 ounces Evvy is set to double her birthweight by 6 months, right on schedule! She has nice, chubby little thighs, which I counsel her to enjoy every day, cause 20 years from now she will start cursing any remnants of chub remaining in the thigh region.

I'm not sure how she manages to gain weight these days. She is the most distractable thing while eating. She used to just glom on and breastfeed, taking the occasional pause or squirming when she needed to burp. I am currently wishing I had periscopes for nipples. If there are any, and I mean ANY (lights, music, voices, movement) distractions, she is eager to turn her head and check them out while nursing. Not the best time to practise multi-tasking, but she insists on trying. Those little paws of hers sure like to get in the way, too!


Some things have remained consistent this month:

Kiddo still loves her jolly jumper and is doing some tap dancing and more aggressive bouncing in it.
She's still into bath time and getting her diaper changed.
The cat has been dying for some industrial-strength ear protection as Evvy continues to practise her patented squeaking.
She has grown yet more hair, which is blond, fine, fuzzy and straight.
And finally, she is still a very happy camper when well rested and fed.

Some new things this month:

Feet, feet, feet!She has discovered them and finds them fascinating. She likes to grab them, but they still have not made it into the mouth.



Food, food, food! Just to mark her 5 month anniversary of existence and to try to make her more excited about eating, I decided to experiment with a little brown rice pablum. I know that, strictly speaking these days, you're supposed to wait until 6 months to try solids, but she shows all signs of being ready and I'm not planning on offering her a whole lot of variety this month. Maybe some oat pablum and sweet potatoes, but not much else. Anyhow, she seems to enjoy it, in a somewhat positively indifferent way, and I'm having fun scooping up the mess on her chin - and everywhere within a 2-foot radius, for that matter.



Occasional soother use!
She likes the gumdrops soothers that I ordered and will, with encouragement, take them. She is still fist-mashing and hasn't discovered her thumb yet.

Napping in crib! Consistency may be a bit dull and restrictive, but she now (on good days) will take 3 naps in her crib. She still needs to be swaddled and insists on the drapes being pulled, but at least she's not hooked on chest-sleeping anymore.

Hmmm. Since I managed to crib-train her in one month, maybe by next month I can get her to sleep without breastfeeding her (yes, folks, it's on to the next frontier!) She gets pretty upset when I am out at dance and Peter puts her to bed. It's simply because of his lack of boobs, I am sure. I think Peter's upset at that too.



I admit that developing routines and being consistent has been difficult. In a way, now that Evvy is napping 3 times a day and going to sleep at around 8 at night, it really restricts my activities. I'm pretty tied to home these days, but it's all for the best in the end. She is a way happier baby when she's in a routine, which makes me a way happier mommy.

That being said, sometimes everything goes out the window, like this past Monday through Wednesday. I went to dance class Monday night and Peter put her to sleep (with much fussing). I guess this made her upset and threw something off, so she was up every hour that night, wouldn't nap on Tuesday (Peter left for Vancouver overnight) and that night wouldn't sleep again. She was bawling, I was bawling and barely able to think.(I do very poorly when sleep-deprived) Beanie came out on Wednesday to rescue me and I got enough sleep to maintain basic brain function. Things have improved a bit since then, but she still isn't quite back to the way she used to be. I blame it on the full moon.


I always figured that babies were like scientific experiments. If you repeat the procedure with all variables being the same, you should get the same result every time. Not so. Evvy is a spirited little being and she's got her own thing going on, despite what I do, or don't do. Every day is a different experiment and the best part of that diversity is seeing what surprises she has in store.
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