Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kudos to kitty.

I am impressed with Mao. Considering how much we used to dote on him before Evvy came along, he has adapted quite nicely to being more or less ignored. Well, maybe not ignored so much as overlooked. His persistence and assertiveness is pretty formidable, though, so he still gets his daily doses of food and affection. Just not quite so much cuddling and conversation. I used to talk to my furry adoptive son quite a bit during my days at home, now I’m busy babbling to my tousled more-or-less furless daughter.

Evvy has taken quite a shine to Mao over the past month. She will watch him and smile at him as he walks by. She really like to “pet” him (with my assistance, naturally) – which consists of touching and grabbing handfuls of his fur, and sometimes his ears or whiskers if I’m not quick enough to correct her. “Be gentle with kitty!” I entreat my little peach. “Be gentle with the baby!” I plead to my clawed cat. For the time being, Mao is very patient with Evvy’s budding curiosity. I think he is just willing to take whatever attention he can get. All in all, this is going much better than I expected!
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