Sunday, March 16, 2008

Evvy is 6 months old!

(This post is up 16 days late, due to our Hawaii vacation.)

6 months of life with a turtle-beaked, sweet-cheeked, squeaky-squeak! I barely recognize the little 7 ½ pound wonder that was plucked out of my belly half a year ago. Everyone told me I would feel this way and they were right: time flies when you’re watching a child grow. And grow she has. At 18 pounds, Evvy is learning to wiggle about in the world and learning how to take up more space. Good thing we’ve got some coming!

This has been a big, important busy month for our whole little family. House shopping, house cleaning, house selling and then a big trip to Maui! Considering all the upheaval around here, Evvy has been remarkably adaptable and happy.

February started out on the crazy side. Between looking for houses and preparing our own for sale, I was constantly busy and she often had to play independently. She sure let me know when she was tired of entertaining herself. All that play time on the floor did really improve her locomotion skills. Although she is not yet crawling, she can roll around like the dickens and has figured out how to creep and wiggle along both forward and backwards.

Evvy has been exploring the tactile and her little fingers are getting more dextrous. She is fixated on touching, holding and manipulating anything she sees – particularly if it is NOT a toy. My hair continues to be confined to a ponytail and I don’t dare wear any baubles on my ears or around my neck. In Hawaii, she loved touching all the different leaves and flowers, especially the bright hibiscus bushes. Also, she can now get her own soother into her mouth, with a bit of careful turning and manipulation.

I wish I could tell you what her favourite food is, but it seems to change on an almost daily basis. Some days she is all about the rice cereal and fruit, others it’s the veggies and chicken. On vacation, she pretty much refused to eat a full meal the whole time. Too much to see, I guess! True to her reputation, Evvy continues to be a less-than-enthusiastic eater. She sips on formula, rarely drinking more than 3 ounces at a go. This means, of course, that she wants her “boppy” every couple of hours, silly boo!

Sleeping is neither here or there. The only consistency is that she is waking during the night, it is just a matter of how many times and when. She is waking mainly because night time is her favourite time to eat. I’ve tried loading her up before bed, to no avail. She is a very spirited little one when it comes to rejecting food. She IS settling better at bedtime and nap times in general, though, which is an improvement. So I can GET her to bed no problem, but the STAYING asleep part is the trick.

Traveling went very well. I thought she’d be all out of sorts. I was so afraid that she would hate the plane rides, but Evvy was full of wonderful surprises and was an absolute pleasure to travel with. With her easy smiles and curious personality she charmed everyone we came into contact with from ticketing agents to snorkel salespeople to fellow airplane passengers.

When we arrived, it was late at night and we all crashed. Evvy was up bright and early the next morning, serenaded by the birds at dawn. The next few days were spent exploring her new world. At first, I think she was put off by the heat, humidity and sunshine. A 2-hour time change did not help her routine any, but we worked things out with an early bedtime. The beach was a bit much for her with all the sunshine and crashing of waves. She clung like a limpet every time we went to the shore for the first few days. Eventually she got over her terror enough to dip her toes into the ocean. The swimming pool, however, was popular from the start. She also enjoyed getting to know her own bare arms, legs and feet, although they had to constantly be slathered with sunscreen.

Coming home on the red-eye was remarkably uneventful. Evvy slept pretty much the whole way home; more than I can say for Peter and I! We are now back and getting prepared for the big move – Evvy’s next major life adjustment. I am imagining that my seven-month update will be a bit late as well!
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