Sunday, May 25, 2008

Evvy is 9 months old.

Yay! My 9-month post is actually EARLY!

Just when I think she couldn't get any cuter, my little puff-pastry learns to say "Mama". Well, it's more like "Um - mum!" and it's only when she's upset that I'm out of the room, but still. She can also say "moo" for a cow, which I discovered while she was watching her Baby McDonald DVD. I'm sure she's trying to say some other things, too, I just don't know what they are yet.

Yes, I do let her watch Baby Einstein DVDs. Only one a day though (they're about 20 minutes long) and not in an attempt to make her smarter, either. Nuh-uh. It's just a way to distract her while I try to clean the kitchen or take a shower. Works like a charm. She likes the ones about people and animals the best, although there's this one spot in the Baby Davinci DVD (which is all about body parts) that she hates. The little monkey puppet "sculpts" a blob of clay into the face of a baby. She's really scared of the resulting sculpture and cries every time it is revealed. I don't blame her, it's hideously ugly and gives me nightmares, too.

Anyhow. I figure all the reading and talking we do with her should balance out any ill effects that exposing her to DVDs might have.

So, what else is new. Well, (maternal heart swelling with pride) she now poops in the potty.

(Pause to accomodate reactions of awe and admiration)

Yes, my child IS a genius!

Well, actually it's all about the timing. She prefers to perform her bodily functions with her diapers off, and will "hold it" for a few minutes until she's bare-bummed on the changetable, so I knew she'd probably get the hang of it pretty quickly. When she puts on her "poop face" I just start telling her to hold it until we get on the potty. I whip off the diaper, sit behind her, so she's on the front of the seat and, well, completes her business. I'm pretty pleased she's caught on, and I always give her lots of praise. She seems to enjoy it, so I guess we're onto something.

Moving on to more dinner-table-friendly topics:
She's eating more things with her fingers these days. Cheese is her #1 favourite treat, but she also enjoys roasted yams, bananas, well-cooked rice, organic rice krispies, special baby muffins, baked apples and rice cereal balls.
Evvy loves yogurt, too. Especially mixed with pureed pear or peach. Beats the pants off oatmeal cereal with formula, I guess.

I also discovered these freeze-dried bananas and strawberries. Why don't they make these things for adults? Yum, yum!

This weekend I plan on baking her some Baby Biscotti. Seriously. Somebody should market this. I discovered that teething biscuit recipes are really close to biscotti recipes. Makes sense, they both turn out hard as a rock, right. Well, I don't have the time or baking skill to sell these, but some designer baby food company should start marketing them. That and baby milk frothers. Then all the designer babies could have a double, extra-frothy, extra-cream, warm, bottled latte with a pumpkin Baby Biscotti while their designer mommies enjoy their Venti, soy, non-fat, no-whip, two-pump, extra-hot caramel macchiato.

So, what else is Evvy up to these days?

It has taken her most of this month and lots of encouragement, but Evvy has finally figured out how to crawl! It's still slow going right now, but childproofing is already well under way. She's a pro at sitting up on her own now and is pulling herself up to a kneeling position. I predict she'll be able to pull up to standing by the end of June. Also, she slithers backwards like a champ.

Turns out that Evvy is a dog person. Sure, she likes Mao, but he does not elicit the enthusiastic response she gives when a doggy is spotted. She loves to look at them in books, to pet them and to feel them lick her hands and face. She loves it when Peter pretends to be a dog. He pants and barks and tries to lick her face. The cutest thing is that she pretends to be a doggy and licks daddy's face, too!

Evvy loves eating out and people-watching at restaurants. Every time we take her out to eat she has an absolute ball entertaining the other diners. She flaps her toys up and down, grins, squeals, makes her "Oh!" face and puts on a show. It's a nice stage she's in right now. She's not old enough to go running around the restaurant yet, but old enough to sit in the high chair and play with her toys.

She sleeps through the night on and off now and is usually up at 5am, chipper as a bird. It would take about ten gallons of espresso to make Peter that chipper in the morning. He's about as chipper as a walrus with a tusk-ache.

We're getting the windows replaced at the end of this week and I'm planning on getting some pull-down blinds. Hopefully these changes will reduce the morning light and bird chirping so that she can sleep in a bit longer.

We have all had a busy month, but a good one. I've almost reached the end of unpacking and the main floor is nearly painted. There are projects on the go and people to visit. The weather is getting better and there have been some gorgeous evenings out on the deck. Evvy has been healthy and happy this month, and I am feeling more healthy and happy too.
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