Friday, June 13, 2008

May and June photos

Just posted some new photos from May June on my Web Albums site. I have yet to capture a photo of Evvy standing up (which she does all the time now) or crawling, because usually I'm tooo busy trying to catch her or chase her! I will work on that for this week!

This month so far has been pretty good. Life still revolves around the new house. We got brand new windows and back dooors, as well as some shiny new countertops. I've been re-covering some furniture and sorting the last of our garage sale items. We've gotten some more gardening and landscaping done, during the rare sunny days. I'm pretty determined to get through my DIY home checklist before I head back to work in September. Something tells me I won't be getting nearly as much done once I'm working!

Evvy and I both fighting a cold, which we've passed on to Peter (oops!). Noses are running like faucets around here and much fuss is made when I try to wipe up snotty little cheeks and chin.

Peter has been working very, very hard this month and he'll be away for the majority of next week and the one after, so I'm trying to prep myself ahead of time for the lack of any major accomplishments. Now that Evvy is fully mobile and determined to learn to walk, I can't leave her unwatched for more than a second! But more on that at the end of the month...
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