Tuesday, July 01, 2008

When Evvy was 10 months old.

I wrote this way back when and forgot to post it! Oops! Well, here comes 2 months worth of updates on Evvy!

June 30, 2008: From crawling to standing, Evvy is quickly gaining balance and mobility.

She is crawling as quick as her chubby thighs can take her and pulling herself up on everything (and everyone) she can reach. There have been a lot of head bonkings (and head-bonking related tears) as she has learned how to get up and sit back down more gracefully. She is now standing up on her own for a few seconds at a time and is able to move around furniture on her feet. Perhaps she will be walking by the time she's a year old!

Evvy has lots of new sounds this month - some of her favourites: "gee-gee" "blab" and "mmmah" (which I think means "Mao"). She still squeals and squeaks, and "oh" and "ah" remain her preferred vowels, but I am glad to hear a variety in her babbling vocab.

She likes to wrinkle up her nose and sniffle - I believe this comes from me trying to teach her to smell flowers, which are among her favourite things to touch and hold (and occasionally shred). Also, there's the waving. We've taught her to wave bye-bye, but she hasn't quite narrowed it down to the appropriate times. All she knows is when she waves, she usually gets attention and often waving in response. She makes friends all over the place: in supermarkets, in restaurants, at the library. Speaking of which, our local library is a wonderful place for kids and only a short walk away, so we make frequent trips there.

Evvy loves books and bedtime stories (who doesn't). She likes her Touch n' Feel farm animals book and bug book the best. We read books on the potty, too, helping to improve the overall bathroom experience.

The quest for independence has already taken hold - our little one is busy learning to do things on her own. Because she no longer wants to be spoon-fed, most meals consist of finger foods and the resulting mess of such foods. My food prep methods have changed along with her eating habits. I've been busy boiling, cubing and freezing fruit and veggies. I've baked bread, loaves and muffins with lots of healthy ingredients. I cook up brown rice in chicken broth and whole wheat pasta to be dipped in pureed yams or squash. I make sticky balls out of rice cereal and pureed pear.

In general, she eats most of these things, as well as bits and pieces of whatever we're having for dinner. She does not like meat yet, but I can get her to eat kidney beans and the odd bowl of plain yogurt with fruit. She also still takes about 20 ounces of formula a day, for protein and fats.

Bedtime is at 8:00pm these days, preceded by our usual bedtime routine: bath, jammies, storytime (with dada is best), brush teeth, night-nights and boppy. We still use our little glowing night light man and our white noise machine. Both of which come with us when we travel.

Evvy remains very social and outgoing. She hasn't really hit a shy phase yet and has no separation anxiety to speak of. That may change, though.

I am enjoying being a stay-at-home mom right now and have started to think (with regret) about going back to work part-time. I still have the whole summer to enjoy being home with Evvy exclusively, so I will try not to think about all that yet!

Pictures to come...
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