Friday, August 29, 2008

The great triathlon.

I figure that managing a household is a bit like swimming. Whether you're going forwards or backwards you are constantly trying to keep your head above the water.

Working is a bit like running, then. While at work, it's important to pace yourself, keep up with the pack, stay hydrated and visualize your destination (ie. TGIF).

I guess that makes being a mom something like cycling... up Mt. Everest. It's hard work, but the further you get, the more spectacular the view behind you becomes.

Here's the thing: just because you can run a marathon doesn't mean that you could cycle the Tour de France or Swim the English Channel. Each sport takes different training and different muscles.

So, I got the whole swimming and running thing down pat. Swim in the morning, run, run, rest, run, run during the day, swim, swim and rest at night. K. Got it.

Then suddenly it's no longer swimming and running. It's swimming and cycling. At first it felt like I had ridden my bicycle clear off the pier and was frantically pedaling underwater trying not to drown. Now it's more like I'm cycling around the pool and occasionally jumping in to do a few laps whenever there's time.

Well, although I haven't forgotten HOW to run, some muscles have been neglected for the past year and now I'm expected to start a triathlon next week, like, BAM! Ouch. Things are going to be pretty sore for a little while, which is to be expected.

I think I'm up for it, though. Mentally, I'm there. They say that visualization is important, so I visualize myself prepared: got my goggles, fanny pack water bottle, vented hat and padded bike shorts on...

and I look like a complete dork.
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