Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Actually, she's 14 months old now, but who's counting?

So, er, I guess I have been incommunicado for awhile.
I'd like to blame it on going back to work, or on the time I'm now spending doing marking in the evenings, or on my somewhat fitful efforts to get back into shape, or the fact that I can't even get near a computer while Evvy's around without her wanting to touch/smash/garble it. But these are all cop-outs. I just got out of the swing of things, and now it's going to take effort to get back on track.

So, on to my daughter.

Evvy is still very much Evvy. In fact, she becomes more Evvy with every passing day.

You, too can do the "Evvy" by following these simple steps:

- Repeating your favourite words in a variety of intonations and volumes a la Shakespearean actor. Gesticulating and pointing is also important - large gestures please, you are playing to an audience. "Dada? Da-da! dadaDaDA! Daaaaa-dah! DADA!!!"

-Toddling around cheerfully with a variety of random items to proudly display to household members. Choices include: dish gloves (put on hands by self), pictures of family members, a tin of cat food, a container full of playing cards or one of daddy's sneakers.

- Declaring that you want "DOW!" and accompanying this assertion with a nose-dive flop every time someone picks you up and attempts to hold you for more than 2 seconds.

- Being obsessed with dogs, dog books, dog sounds and dog pictures. Having no fear of dogs whatsoever, even when being bowled over and slurped mercilessly on the face.

- Running off in whatever direction mama or dada DON'T want you to go. Coyly looking back over your shoulder when called, then running away even faster with gleeful giggles.

- Loving your weekly routines and clapping enthusiastically because today is swimming day with daddy, or Grandma and Tessa-dog day, or playtime with Izzy day. Greeting nap time and bedtime with "night-night" waves and blankie cuddles.

- Eating next to nothing one day and pretty much everything the next.

- Waving "bye-bye" to anyone in the vicinity who makes eye contact - especially cashiers and street people.

- Learning new words every day. Very cute new words.
Some examples:
A clock is a clicking "tick tock" sound made with the tongue. Not to be confused with "horse", which is "nay!" THEN a clicking sound with the tongue to indicate galloping.
Strawberries are "wa-wee-wee"s, then a smacking sound (which also means "food" or "eat")
"Please" (which we are encouraging like crazy right now) is "tleee!" and my favourite remains "fish" which is an enthusiastic "shhhhhh!"
She also has some well-pronounced words like "keys", "duck", "cow" "night-night" and "towel" which can be recognized by your average person on the street. The rest take some deciphering.

There, got those instructions down? Now it's your turn to try!
Of course, all this is less effective if you are not a toddler. They also do not work well without the big blue eyes, chubby belly and soft blond curls. you would also do well to douse yourself in "Essence of Cute" before giving it a go in public.

Well, that's all the Evvy news for now. I guess I should share a bit about myself, but I will save that for another day. Not that you can handle any more suspense...
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