Sunday, November 30, 2008


This week I will tame some dragons. Some I've hatched myself, a few have come from who-knows-where and some still swoop way up overhead - I have only to guess what those look like, and my imagination does not lean towards the cute and cuddly.

It won't be easy. They're equipped to put up quite a tussle. But they need to know who's boss and should have seen this coming. Granted, dragons are not ones for foresight.

Dragon taming is all about the element of surprise. They all sit and ponder, or fly on reconnaissance or lie around, fat from all the gorging, feeling safe in their numbers. The trick is to whisk one away without the others noticing. Then separate 'em and work on 'em one-by-one. As their numbers dwindle, the rest in the group begin to loose their poise - they look around, wonder, "where did all the others go" and get all sloppy. The last few are usually a breeze.

I've got two to tackle tomorrow. Oh, and treats don't work.

Collar, chain, electric whip, megaphone and courage: Check! Here we go.
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