Sunday, December 06, 2009

Why I don't Facebook anymore.

Ah, Facebook.
To say I have put this little life-gobbling application on the back-burner would be a gross understatement. My actual flesh-and-blood, person-to-person social life is currently occupying the back burner.

This means that my blog has been plunked on our somewhat unreliable propane camp stove. Which means that my Facebooking* is festering away somewhere down in the cellar, hands clasped choirboy-style, gamely warbling, "The sun'll come out tomorrow..."

"Why?" you ask. "Why are you neglecting this useful social networking tool? Why has your profile pic. not been changed in nearly a year?"** Well the answer is simple. Sort of.

I am scared of Facebook.

Doing something simple like uploading a profile pic puts me perilously close to the black hole that will suck an entire productive day dry. First it starts by putting a photo up, then I want to see who else has put new photos up, then I want to comment on those photos, then I have to get all witty about commenting on people's status updates, then before I know it, it's dinnertime, my child and dog are eating each other, my husband has been sucked into his computer, my house has been hit by a tornado and I am still in my housecoat.

There. See why Facebook is so scary?

*please, Generation Z, help me out with a cooler word here
**see what I mean about my social life? I've got to invent my own Greek Chorous in order to carry on a conversation.
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