Friday, April 09, 2010

A big pile of dirt.

Today I am excited because a big pile of dirt (soil, that is) is being delivered to our house. 4 cubic yards of the finest fish compost/lawn mix blend, all black and earthy and ready to do some good in our yard.

Really, the whole Tyrrell family should be gleeful about this event and here is why:

I get to be excited because it marks the beginning of the cut flower garden and new patch of lawn I have been envisioning all winter.

Evvy should be excited because a big pile of dirt means lots of worms to take for walks.

Peter should be excited because shovelling dirt is a sexy husband thing to do.

Maqsoum should be excited because rolling in big piles of dirt is a time-honoured canine activity.

I will try to take and post pictures of the dirt-related excitement as it unfolds this weekend. Please, please, pleeeeease don't let it rain!!!
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